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Products (examples)



Butterfly valves are widely used in water treatment and effluent treatment plants as well as in many other industrial applications. We can offer you a variety of butterfly valves both with either gear or electrical actuator.

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Chemical-feed pumps are used for the feeding of sodium or calcium hypochlorite and sulfite solutions and are referred to as hypochlorinators. The basic components are similar to those of chlorinators. Construction materials vary to meet chemical handling needs. The pumps in our product range incorporate high efficiencies and generous corrosion allowances, which ensure trouble-free pumping and minimise operating costs.


We offer pumps available in a wide range of materials and impeller variants to suit numerous applications within the process industry for chemicals, corrosive chemicals, light slurries,liquors, backwater, water, thin stock, etc. Our pumps feature allround chemical and light slurry pump usage. They can be used in almost all applications from cold water to the most corrosive environments. Many material combinations, from Cast iron to Titanium, make it possible to meet almost any demand.

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Flow measuring Instrument


Nowadays modern Technology exists on process automation. We are a supplier for a great range of various solutions for all branches. Sensors and measurement devices to determine pressures, temperatures, flows and levels etc that then forward this information to sophisticated control technology revolutionized the industry.

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Power Cables


We offer high quality electrical cables and a are supplier to various industry segments such as Electric Utilities, Industrial/Construction, Railroads/Rapid Transit, Power Plants and other commercial markets.


The cables are manufactured with a variety of materials including laminated polypropylene paper, thermosetting, thermoplastic insulation and jacketing compounds with all voltage level that are referenced below:

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Pipes and Connection Systems


Joints & Joint Materials: Joint means connection between the adjacent ends of two components including the means of sealing. There exist different types of joints, for example:


Elastomeric joint ring | Flexible joint | In wall joint | Ogee Joint | Rebated joint |

Steel banded joints - steel collar ...



Modern laboratories generate and process lots of information. An increasing number of legal and commercial standards make additional demands on personnel and laboratory equipment. Nowadays it is essential to use computer based information systems like a LIMS® (laboratory information and management system) to guarantee an optimal work flow. Information flow includes communication with the customer and his software applications. The workflow is affected by various specifications and results. Therefore the LIMS® has to enable the customer to communicate as well as document his work flow and its optimisation

LABS/Q® is successfully established in various areas of process industries. It is used by power and water authorities for quality control, in R&D as well as in contract laboratories and in Environmental Protection Offices.It is employed in laboratories with a workforce between 5 and over 500 users, partly at different locations and in different languages.

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